3D Map

The 3D map makes it easy to grasp where most crimes happened.

Advanced search

Show all crimes, or search specific crime categories, types, years, months, or time of day. Numbers of incidents will be presented in 3D over the map showing where crimes occured.

Incident details

See case details by holding a pointing device on the map.


Visualize changes over time, or compare different types of crime in the same area.


The flexible charting tool help you to visualize quantitative data in anyway you want.

Crime History

View how crime incidents have changed over time. View a total number of crime as well as numbers of specific types of crime or specific districts.

Crime Pattern

Find patterns of crime by charting with elements of your choice. The tool makes it easy to drill down specific areas of your interests.

Flexible Charting

Simply click to choose charting elements and to include or exclude types of crime or distrricts until you find useful patterns. No need to use conversome spreadsheet any more.

Charting elements you can choose are:

  • Crime categories
  • Crime types
  • Districts
  • Month
  • Day of the week
  • Day cycle
  • Hour of the day

District Support

Compare crime history and patterns among districts. Find crime history and patterns unique in each district.